Happy 2013!

14 days late but worth the wait, eh? But seriously, my birthday is on the 10th, so I like to view my “new year” as beginning then..it’s the perk (and probably the ONLY perk) of a January birthday. I trust you all had a fabulous 2012 holiday season and your new year is beginning with zest and productivity! Without further ado, here are a few of my “challenges” that i’m setting up for myself in the new year.

1) Spend more time outside, and more specifically at the beach. We live 2 MILES from the beach…just a simple drive and we are there, yet I don’t feel like I fully take advantage of that. So, this year is the year! I want to spend more time walking outside, playing with Kine at the park, and doing activities that give this lady a little vitamin D.

2) Make dinner at night. Sounds easy enough, but admittedly ever since Kine was born I have had a hard time finding the groove I was in beforehand of making a fulfilling dinner each night. Lately we have resorted more often than not to the same things each night (pasta, spaghetti squash, frozen meals from Trader Joes..in that order), and I want to be better about meal planning and getting creative in the kitchen!

3) Save more money. Stop spending money on “things” I don’t need. Enough said on that subject.

4) Declutter. Declutter. Declutter. I am so sick of looking at stuff we never use and just sits there. Out with the old!

5) Get dressed  (mostly) every day. Before you laugh or make fun of this, hear me out. Yes I get dressed every day, but as of late my routine has turned to just work-out clothes or comfy sweats. I get dressed on the days I give piano lessons or have meetings outside the house. Otherwise you can find me in whatever I would wear to the gym (if I went to the gym). This year, now that I am a mom and a woman in my late 20′s, I would like to set a standard of looking put together most days. We’ll see how that goes.


Now, still working on my word of the year for 2013, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, stay warm in this FRIGID California winter weather (kidding peeps..)and get outside and enjoy the fact it’s not 10 degrees below zero!



This Christmas is a special one for so many reasons, the most prominent being our little Bean’s first Christmas, and we feel so lucky to be the ones to introduce her to the true meaning of Christmas and all the precious moments and memories carved out during this time of year that will
set the pace for years to come. We are on an every-other-year schedule with our families, and this is our year to travel to God’s Country for the holiday festivities. I couldn’t be more excited to celebrate with all of my favorite people, including 4 of Kine’s cousins who are also partaking in their first Christmas. I am bursting with ideas of activities to do with all of my favorite little people to make this year their best Christmas EVER! I will share more of those later this week :)

We got into the Christmas spirit around here last week, as we went and picked out our Christmas tree. I must say, we picked out the perfect tree and it looks quite perfect in our humble abode. The little girl may not remember picking out her first Christmas tree, but we have pictures to show her as she gets older so she always knows the joy she bring us, and how much we love watching life happen through her sweet little eyes.

This past weekend was a wonderfully busy and spirited one! We spent Thanksgiving with Bun’s family on Thursday, and woke early Friday morning to hop a plane to St. Louis to be with my mom’s family for “ThanksChristmasGiving”. My grandma currently has 13 great-grandkids, and 9 of those kiddos were able to make the trek out for the weekend. As November comes to a close, I am especially grateful for my family and all the love that abounds whenever we’re all together-even though it’s not as often as we would choose.

I am (selfishly) also grateful for my little Bean who is such a good traveler! Being a frequent flyer is non-negotiable in my little family. Bun and I both love traveling, and I love to visit my family in Minnesota as often as my bank account and work schedule allows. Spending money on travel is more important to us than any cute outfit, new car, or latest gadget. That being said, I hope this girl keeps up her track record…

Here are a few pictures from our inaugural Christmas 2012 weekend…looking forward to all the fun and festivity the next month has in store!

{Enjoying a morning at St. Louis City Museum}

{My best attempt at a pic of all the kids}

{Enjoying a night of fun and games with family}

{Two sweet little girls and forever friends}

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