I have a huge travel itch right now, and am forever adding to my list of places I want need to go! I am lucky to have married someone who shares the same desire to experience new cultures, see new sights, and make time and save money to get out and see as much of the world we can! Currently we are weighing out the pros and cons of all the different places that I want to see, and this list seems to be growing by the hour …yikes.

To really have balance in life, it is truly important to take a break from the everyday norm and get out and experience something new. Being  educated on the different perspectives and ideals of other societies opens your eyes to a whole new understanding and appreciation for life.  Like I wrote about here, we learned on our honeymoon from the Island Natives to enjoy life and not things! “Things” come and go, then get pushed to a corner to collect dust..memories, experiences,and moments last a lifetime.  In movies like “Eat, Pray, Love” we are inspired by many cultures visited to try new things, enjoy new food, and savor every moment.

When your on vacation your little world stands still. You rest, you relax, you try new types of food and drink, and you do exactly what you want to do. Sometimes the problems you have at home seem to minimize, the stress falls away, and the desire to live life to the fullest kicks in! I recently came across this article, and would highly encourage you to take a moment to read it! Now, these people traveled the world for 2 years, and that is obviously not logical or doable for everyone; however, taking even a night away in a different setting can make all the difference in one’s perspective, attitude, and demeanor! Go camping, visit friends, take a road trip, go hiking…whatever needs to be done to get out and experience all you can!

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