With the temps reaching up into the low 100′s this weekend in Palm Springs, I thought it be fitting to share some of my favorite popsicle recipes. Popsicles have that taste that brings me straight back to my childhood enjoying summers (like this) of Minnesota humidity and carefree ease. Popsicles come in all shapes and sizes: there are juice pops, yogurt-based, pudding pops, and fudgesicles. I like them all, and as I have gotten a bit older I have been enjoying my hand at making them my own. Switching in ingredients and getting creative…pretty much anything goes!

Be sure to purchase some “popsicle molds” at Michaels, the grocery store, Target, etc. Or, if your lucky and a ¬†hard-core popsicle artist, you can go to William’s – Sonoma and purchase this.

Here are a few of my fav’s:

1) Whole-Fruit based. If you have a magic bullet or blender your good to go!  Blend in your favorite fresh fruit that you have lying around, add some fruit juice, coconut-water, milk, and voila! Freeze and enjoy. Here is my favorite blend:

Banana+Mango+Coconut Water+dash of honey

2) Banana Popsicles dipped in chocolate and nuts: SCRUMPTIOUS!!


3)Frozen-Yogurt Peanut Butter Pops

4) Lemon Frozen Yogurt Pops with Raspberries (personal fave!!)

5) Rocky Road Fudge Pops


WHEN ALL LESS FAILS: I am guilty of freezing chocolate often, so I would highly recommend freezing your favorite chocolate bar overnight. Buy some basic vanilla ice cream, and mix the two together one evening when your ready for some pure indulgence. I mean, DQ has nothing on this, right?

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