This weekend is a busy one. We had an amazing event for work last night, and I am on to another today! Many blessings to you this weekend, and I hope you find something fulfilling to enjoy the time. September Saturday’s are fast becoming a favorite, as I love the mixture of work and play that I have been able to do lately. This weekend will be spent meeting new people, helping others, learning, crafting, and squeezing in an evening date with Bun.

Each fall I take up two of my very favorite activities: crafting and baking. It’s honestly my drug, and I sometimes won’t stop. From now through the holidays, I channel my inner Martha Stewart, and love every second.  This fall’s  crafts are coming along nicely, as I have been inspired by some new ideas this season. I am also leaving the apartment with the scent of homemade apple butter wafting through the air.I am trying my hand at making homemade fruit butter’s this fall, and apple was first on my list. If all goes well, I look forward to giving pumpkin, peach, and possibly pear butter a try! But for now, I  leave you with the current recipe being sampled in our casa, in case your in the mood for a little apple-butter making this weekend. Enjoy!


{Photo courtesy of “dinasour dishes” and recipe can be found here}

It’s healthy, semi-easy, and has the taste of fall that’s needed right now. I don’t think I’m quite ready to embrace pumpkins, spice, and everything nice quite yet, so this is the perfect middle ground for a fall snack.

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